About the Author

Maria Angelica Santos-Bermejo is an accomplished self-taught jewelry designer and dedicated preservationist of national heirlooms, boasting over 38 years of experience in collecting antiques. Her design expertise centers on revitalizing traditional craftsmanship and techniques to create heritage jewelry tailored to the modern woman, in the spirit of the contemporary Filipina.

Inherited from her mother, the true legacy of heritage jewelry has been a guiding influence. She firmly believes that "A good legacy strengthens family ties and yields good citizens. It inspires others, not serving oneself, and becomes what people will remember long after one is gone."

Maria Angelica has exhibited her pieces in prestigious Philippine trade events such as Manila FAME, Likhang Habi, and The Nonesuch: Fine Collectibles and Rarities. Her jewelry has graced the Department of Trade and Industry's esteemed "Marahuyo" luxe-brand concept store and the Ayala Museum Shop. 

Gaining recognition globally, her salvaged porcelain discoveries found a place in Arts of Asia magazine, reaching a worldwide audience across more than 90 countries. Maria Angelica was featured in New York-based Sorell Publishing's "The Philippines' Best" and showcased her designs at the Dubai World Expo 2020.

Maria Angelica's mission centers on the passionate preservation of heirloom traditions. As a Filipina, she believes that rediscovering national heritage through jewelry fosters a deep and lasting love for our inang-bayan, our motherland.